About Fair Usage Policy
What is Fair Usage Policy and how PhoneSpeak offers unlimited with Fair Usage Policy to its respective subscribers/customers.
What is PhoneSpeak Fair Usage Policy?
To maintain the quality & performance of our Service(s), which could be disrupted by usage patterns of a small number of customers, PhoneSpeak has established a Fair Usage Policy to protects the interest of all our customers and ensure the highest level of service performance for all users.
We reserve the right to offer you an alternate service plan, suspend or terminate services, if at any time we deem your usage to exceed normal business use or fair usage limits. In addition, you may be requested to a per minute surcharge, if your usage exceeds normal business use or our fair usage allowance limits (you are never automatically billed over-usage without your prior knowledge and acceptance).
As a fraud and security measure, calls exceeding 120 minutes in length may be subject to disconnection.
What are the usages subject to Fair Usage Policy?
All services are subjected to Fair Usage Policy.
Here is the Fair Usage Policy.
Each service or plan may have Fair Usage Policy rules are applicable for it as specified in the respective Service Specific Terms and Conditions.
  • May only be used for normal business use.
  • Are provided only for dialog between two individuals at one time per line.
  • Exclude international calling, which is available for an additional fee.
  • Are issued on a “one (1) user per line basis”, meaning that only one registered user may be assigned to use the Services for any one line.
  • Our Free Inbound/Outbound call/SMS plan’s** are subject at all times to a sufficient normal business call time allowance of minutes in aggregate during each monthly billing period for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • If during any monthly billing period PhoneSpeak system find your usage are exceeding the common/normal allocated business usage, we may terminate your service immediately or, at our sole discretion if we consider it appropriate, we may suspend your service and offer you an alternative call plan applicable to your usage. If having offered you an alternative you do not agree to move to the new call plan we reserve the right to terminate your service immediately. Termination charges apply.
  • Unlimited plans also may not be used for any of the following prohibited uses (which are in addition to the other prohibited uses applicable to all Services):
  • Trunking or forwarding Your PhoneSpeak number to (an)other phone number(s) capable of handling multiple simultaneous calls, or to a private branch exchange (PBX) or a key system.
  • Spamming or blasting (e.g., sending same text/SMS message/content to multiple recipients simultaneously).
  • Bulk call-in lines (e.g., customer support or sales call centres, “hotlines”, sports-line numbers, etc.).
  • Auto-dialing or “predictive” dialing (i.e., non-manual dialing or using a software program or other means to continuously dial or place out-bound calls).
  • In addition, unusually high usage of the Services may impair PhoneSpeak’s ability to provide high quality Services to others and/or indicate unauthorised use of the Services, in which case PhoneSpeak may suspend or terminate Your Account or, upon prior notice, convert Your Account to a metered calling plan that charges significantly higher usage rates.
    PhoneSpeak reserves the right to add to, modify or amend this Use Policy at any time for any reason at its sole discretion.
    **Free Inbound/Outbound calls/SMS of X minutes/amount are subject and determined by PhoneSpeak current offering period.