Be the Leading VoIP software
Our mission is to be the leading VoIP software for every business. Whether you are small or big, our cloud based phone solution will make your lives simpler, easier, and better.
Our Values
We live thru the principle of CANEI: Constant and never ending improvement.
Open communication
Openness with our team. We raise issue and provide solutions promptly.
Our dedication and hard work over anything else.
Empathy over ego
We see the world from our customer’s eyes and speak from their views.
Self Improvement
Always learning and evolving into who we want to be and where we want to be.
Our team prides itself on being transparent and genuine. It helps us continue to build an exceptional product.
Customer first
We put our customer’s interest at the heart of our decision making.
Experience the
unified communication
PhoneSpeak is everything your business needs in a single platform
The mobility and flexibility let you serve your customers better. Enables you to work virtually from anywhere.
You’ll see from the start that we care about your business as much as you do.
PhoneSpeak supports desk phones for teammates that require a physical line.
Better communication,
Better experience,
Better business
PhoneSpeak is everything your business needs in a single platform
Run on high-speed internet. Perfect for small and mid-sized businesses.
30+ Standard features. Customize your phone system to the fullest.
Web admin portals. Administrates your phone system from anywhere.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I port my number to you?
Yes. There will be a one time fee of $9. Process will take a few days to complete.
Do you have iPhone or Android apps?
Yes and yes.
Is there a contract or set up fee?
No and no.
Can I do advanced routing?
Yes. Our multi-level advanced IVR is boundlessly flexible.
Can I use a deskphone / physical phone?
Yes. You can use your current devices or you can buy new Polycom or Yealink from us.
Business text messaging?
Yes. In fact our business text messaging is built with company text messaging in mind. It's powerful for individual users but even more advanced for businesses that receive a large volume of text.
What is A2P 10DLC Compliance?
A2P 10DLC (application-to-person 10 Digit Long Code) compliance refers to adherence to specific guidelines and requirements established by mobile carriers and industry organizations for the use of 10-digit long codes in Application-to-Person messaging. A2P messaging involves sending text messages (SMS) or multimedia messages (MMS) from applications to individuals.
What happens if I don’t register for 10DLC?
Your PhoneSpeak account will not be able to send outbound SMS.
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